My first post!!!


Hey everyone!

I’m not sure if everyone who starts a blog feels this way, but I have stalled and stalled and stalled my first post because I wondered about if I really wanted to do this.  First of all, I rarely take pictures of myself.  And then I wondered about my qualifications for doing a fashion and jewelry blog.  I’m not a fashion merchandising or a costuming major.  But fashion is a huge influence on my life.  I spend hours every week poring over fashion blogs, getting ideas.  Looking for color combinations I never would have thought of, or two patterns that look fantastic together. 

So by making this blog, I am hoping that every once in awhile I can have those outfits that make other girls go, “Yeah, I wouldn’t have thought of that.  But I’m going to use it now.”  And I’m also overcoming the second thoughts I have about showing myself to everyone.  

I am a plus size girl and I do my best (as every girl does) to love my body exactly how it is.  For me, it’s about dressing for your shape and when you know your body really well, you know how to show off your assets.  Fashion isn’t superficial, it’s a necessity of life, so you might as well use it.  

That being said, let’s talk about this outfit.

This is one of my favorite color combinations.  Red and teal/mint (the color of this dress is still up for debate). I have loved this color combo since middle school (a time where I wore nothing but t-shirts and jeans).  So clearly, this goes way back for me.  The dress is from Target, as so many of my clothes are, and is one of my favorite finds there.  

I love polka dots.  They’re taking over my wardrobe.  I’m okay with it.

The shoes are another favorite with me.  $3 at the local Salvation Army.  I mean really, could I get luckier than that?!  I was severely lacking in red shoes until I found these at the beginning of the summer.

The belt and the jewelry are from antique stores in my area, Fred and Ethel’s ( and Vintage Rose (  Fred and Ethel’s is primarily 50’s and 60’s items with a huge vintage clothes section in the back of the store.  I have to limit myself to keep myself from going in there and buying too many clothes.  Last week I had three dresses on hold and I had to choose between them.  First world problems, I tell ya.  Vintage Rose is the antique jewelry store I work at and it is a good day if I walk out of there WITHOUT a new piece of jewelry.  My white cloisonne bracelet is a favorite of mine.  I have these bracelets in about 10 different colors and they go with everything.  They’re my go-to jewelry item if I just need SOMETHING.  My sunglasses are new, I got them on a trip to LeClaire, IA with my mom.  I love the retro look of them!





Dress: Target

Belt: Fred and Ethels

Shoes: Thrifted

Necklace, bracelet, earrings: Vintage Rose Antiques

Sunglasses: Aunt Hattie’s Fanciful Emporium 


So that’s it for today, thanks for checking out my blog!  I hope you like it!


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