These Are A Few Of My Favorite Rings: Part One


My hand feels naked without them. During the school year, it is impossible to be able to wear them more than once or twice a week, since my dance classes are very strict about no jewelry.

But during breaks and summers, it is common to find me with 4 or 5 rings on all the time. They all could be standout pieces, but I prefer the look of wearing them all together. I have kinda short, stubby fingers and I feel that my rings elongate the look of my hands and make them a little more refined looking, in a Bohemian-I’m-wearing-rings-on-every-finger kinda way.


These are the seven rings that I alternate between all the time. Some I always wear, some are more novelty pieces to me.


This ring is so fun. It’s my sterling buckle. Several buckle rings came in the store all at the same time and the one I really wanted was 14k white gold. But as that was out of my price range, I happily settled for this one.


The design makes it appear rather Celtic in my opinion and that’s part of what I like about it. Buckle rings come in such interesting designs. Right now we have a mourning buckle ring at Vintage Rose. (If you don’t know anything about mourning jewelry, I suggest looking into it. It’s very interesting in a morbid kind of way.)



I think I get the most compliments from this ring. It’s a sterling reproduction from the 50’s of the 1920’s white gold filigree style. I’ve had two of these rings. This one has the emerald cut amethyst and my last one had teardrop shaped blue topaz. The topaz was gorgeous but it was slightly cloudy and once I found this I was in love. I sold my topaz in the store to a lady who had always admired it.
The flowers in the filigree are so cute! Next time I get a 1920s-esque ring, I want bows in the filigree (of course).


I’ve never been a huge snake fan, but I thought this one was so cute and it looks great on! It’s one of my lesser-worn rings because it requires a certain sort of outfit.


My boss gave me this as a graduation present. At first I thought it was onyx, but I realized it is one if the darkest sapphires I have ever seen. It’s is flanked with diamond chips and set in 10k white gold. I love the simplicity of the cut and the design.


When you look at it sideways it had this fun diamond and swirl pattern!

That’s all for now! I will post about my three FAVORITE rings next time!


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