My Favorite Rings Part Two

These last couple rings are my favorites in design and style. They’re all pretty unique.



As soon as I saw this ring I just could not take it off my hand. I left Vintage Rose with it that day. It is 10k gold with a great braided band that first drew me to the ring. The swallow and the crescent moon are Victorian motifs. I think this was originally a stick pin and then turned into a ring in the 1920s or 30s. It catches on my clothes but I love it to much to not wear it.


This is a newer ring than most of my others. It’s 1960s Avon and it is my absolute favorite ring. I have kinda short stubby fingers so smaller rings don’t fit on them. But this ring can be expanded and it fit perfectly right away on my thumb. When I’m not wearing it, I can still feel it on my finger. That’s how much I wear this ring.




I know the last picture is a little dark, but it’s the best way I could show the detail in this ring. A while back I had a big cameo phase. I still like them, but I don’t wear most of my cameo jewelry much. But, I love the shape and color of this ring. It’s a perfect pinkie ring and looks great on. It’s 1920s or 30s. The detail in the cameo isn’t the best, but it was the cameo I could afford and I still love it.

To give an idea of a cameo with really fantastic detail (that I would love to own), this is a picture if a cameo pin that is still available to buy at Vintage Rose!



The detail in her hair is the most impressive part. Also, the blue-green background is not a common color for cameos. Everything about this pin is flawless.

Thanks for reading! I’ll be doing more outfit posts soon!


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