Coral Waves


Hey!  It’s been a crazy week and a half getting back into the swing of things at school again.  Right off the bat we have had auditions and callbacks.  Last night was my first rehearsal for Bat Boy the musical.  It already feels like I have been back in school for months.  But that feeling also makes me very lazy when it comes to how I dress.  This semester I have so many dance and movement classes that I am required to be in workout clothes most of the time.  It really puts a damper on things when I realize that I can barely wear all the cute clothes I bought over the summer.  But I am managing.

That being said, this outfit is from a previous week (right now the heatwave we are experiencing forces us all to wear as little clothing as possible).  But this outfit was perfect just days ago.


Maxi skirts are becoming my go-to outfit but I only have two, so I don’t wear them as often as I would like.  This skirt was my first clothing purchase this summer and I am so glad I got it.  The lining is only mini-length so the rest of this skirt is thigh-high slits and breezy gauzy material.  It’s so breathable and flowy that I could live in it, although the slits make it everyday things difficult.

The shirt is fitted in a way I don’t usually like on me, but it worked perfectly with a skirt.  I love the pattern on the shirt because I think it looks like waves.  Unfortunately, this was the last time I got to wear my nude flats because they developed a hole in the side of them.  I was sad to see them go.  Another one of my favorite parts of this outfit is my necklace.  The ladies at Vintage Rose gave it to me and it started my obsession with bows.





belt 2

Shirt: gift

Skirt: Target

Belt: Body Central

Shoes: Target

Jewelry: Vintage Rose Antiques

Sunglasses: JC Penny

I look a little grumpy in the full body picture but it’s just because the sun is in my eyes.  😛

Thanks for reading!


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