What I Wore: For Auditions


As a theatre student, I have done about 4 auditions since school started. I’m not ashamed to say I have worn this dress for two of them. It’s a perfect audition dress. Directors prefer solid colors as it is less distracting. But somehow you have to stand out and that is where the cutouts in my dress AND my shoes come in. Little details like that are what make you be remembered.

But I digress.

While I love this dress (because it’s my favorite color), my shoes are my favorite part of this outfit. My roommate Cole found them at a thrift store over the summer and sent me a picture while I was still at home.  Miraculously, they were in my size! Well…half a size small. The point is, they work for an audition. 🙂





Dress: JC Penny
Shoes: thrifted

Bye for now!!


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