I Count Maroon as a Neutral


Today I wore ALL of the neutrals.  It tends to be a fall thing I do.  I decide that the best way to make sure I match is to wear all of the neutrals in my closet.  I’m not saying it always works, but it happens.  But that being said, this is probably my favorite outfit I have put on the blog.  I am obsessed with blazers.  And I am really happy about the boots I bought last week that were normally $65, but were on sale for $20.  And I don’t pay more than $20 for just about anything, so I would not have bought them otherwise.  These tights have become one of my favorite pairs, but before this year I think I wore them once.  I was scared of the pattern.  Lately, I have been pulling things out of my closet that I never wear and challenging myself to find an outfit for them.  And it’s been working so I think it’s a challenge I am going to keep for myself.

Another challenge I am making for myself is keeping up on my blog posts.  I am now caught up.  Today was another day I had coffee  with Katie and Elana.  It’s started to become our Friday thing and I love it.  These girls are so lovely and I’m hoping that soon I can officially declare a fashion merchandising minor and halfway know what they are talking about!








Blazer: thrifted

Dress: JC Penny

Boots: Shoe Sensations

Tights: Kohls

Bracelet/Necklace: Vintage Rose Antiques

Earrings: gift



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