Hey there, I’m Lexi. Just your average musical theatre student with a penchant (read: obsession) for red lipstick, bows, oxfords, and vintage jewelry. Dressing up is what I do and I try to budget while I’m at it. I am employed at a jewelry/antique store I adore called Vintage Rose. I am a beginner nerd, currently in the throes of an intense affair with Doctor Who, Sherlock, Joss Whedon, and superhero films.

While theatre might be my biggest passion, I believe that fashion is one of the best and most important forms of self-expression.  It’s certainly the most used form.  Therefore, everything I wear is a direct statement of my personality.

Red is the background color for my entire life.  To me, it represents extreme passion.  And when you’re going into a theatre (or fashion) career …passion is key.

Random facts… I’m currently attending Western Illinois University.  I used to play French horn.  I am obsessed with vocal jazz.  I wish I had been born in 1900 to really enjoy the Jazz Age.  Mulan is my favorite Disney princess because she is seriously bad ass.  I love having fancy dinner parties.

I hope you enjoy my blog!



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